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Welcome to Mickleton

St Lawrence’s Church - at the heart of Mickleton

St Lawrence's Church, Mickleton

St Lawrence’s Church, Mickleton

You cannot go far around the village of
Mickleton without seeing the spire of the
church, which stands on gently rising ground
near the center of the village and at the
edge of the fields which sweep up the
scarp of the Cotswold Hills.

For over a thousand years now the people of
Mickleton have come here to meet God at
the turning points of life, the baptism of a
new baby, the exchange of marriage vows,
or the funeral of one they have loved;
they have come at times of great rejoicing or
anxiety, to give thanks for the harvest or for
a royal wedding, to ask deliverance in time
of war or plague; they have come for the
Church’s yearly cycle of fasts and festivals.

We know there was a church here in 960, for it is recorded that in that year
that King Edgar gave the patronage of Mickleton to one Brithnotus.
How far the Christian history of Mickleton goes back before 960 we do not know
Brithnotus was an immensely tall man; a great landowner, especially in Essex;
a generous benefactor to a number of monastries; and he died fighting off an invasion of pagan Vikings. This was at the battle of Maldon, on August 10th - 11th
991: Mickleton marked the millennium of his death more peaceably,
with a flower festival.

The oldest parts of the present church are Norman, of the twelfth century:
it has been altered, added to, and restored at most periods since.
A list of “don’t miss?features might include the font (1661) and its
cover (largely 1992); 19th century window behind the High Altar; fine crucifixes of
the 12th and early 20th centuries; 17th century pulpit and 19th century lectern;
17th century High Altar rails; 20th century kneelers worked by parishioners;
14th century broach (holding 8 bells: various dates and founders, oldest 1668:
tenor 15.75 cwt in E); organ (Holdich of London, 1853) in gallery (1931).

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